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On behalf of my entire family, I would like to take this opportunity to both compliment and thank Dr. Rosenzweig for the superb, professional and genuine dental care he and his staff have provided to us over these last 15 years. I can unequivocally state that his practice of dentistry and care for his patients has far exceeded the services my family has received from other dentists we were patients of before we started coming to him. In my view, Dr. Rosenzweig has successfully bridged the gap between simultaneously practicing both the art and science of dentistry. Again, I'd like to thank Dr. Rosenzweig for all great care he has provided, and I look forward to many more years of smiling knowing that he is on the job.

Bill Stein and Family

I am grateful to have found a dentist like Dr. Lawrence Rosenzweig. My family and I have been patients of Dr. Rosenzweig for 18 years and in all that time we have never been dissatisfied or advised incorrectly. It is a pleasure to go to an office where the clientele are warm and friendly and very helpful. Dr. Rosenzweig takes the time to inform, and has always put our concerns at rest. As a patient who has had different procedures done at his office, I must comment on Dr.Rosenzweig’s care and concern for my welfare. He is a highly skilled professional with a warm demeanor. Dr. Rosenzweig’s practice has enabled me to have such positive and impressive experiences, that I never hesitate to recommend him whenever possible.

Barbara Goldstein

I have been a patient for almost ten years now. Since my first visit my married children and their children have also placed their trust in the hands of Lawrence R. Rosenzweig D.D.S. From the minute we enter his office,he and his staff make us feel comfortable and confident that all will go well. The recent crown installed took a very high level of patience and skill to install successfully. The most satisfying aspect of treatments to date is that they are permanent. Prior to Dr. Rosenzweig, many return visits were made to solve problems. Lastly, it is important to note that during visits patients feel very comfortable with his chair side manor.

Salvatore J. Sciortino

I met Dr. Rosenzweig when my son's nursery school class visited his office more than 20 years ago. It was quite unexpected that serving as a chaperone on a class trip would give me the opportunity to finally find a dentist that everyone in our family could love! His kind and patient manner with the group of pre-schoolers impressed me so much that we decided against returning to the "pediatric" dentist we had been using and gladly switched the whole family to his care soon after. We have been happy ever since!

Dr. Rosenzweig's professional skills, integrity and "personality plus" are matched by the pleasant and helpful hygienists and support staff in his office. We never feel like just "another patient." Each staff member remembers every member of our family and is genuinely interested in catching up on how everyone is doing.

If you ever had to wait for a long time in less than appealing surroundings in order to see a doctor, I might add that the office space is very pleasant and the waiting room has the best selection of reading material I have ever seen! Since they are so good at scheduling their appointments, however, I never get to sit long enough to read an entire article - how's that for a "complaint"? This is just another example of how patient-friendly Dr. Rosenzweig's practice is.

I have referred many people to Dr. Rosenzweig's practice and not one has ever been disappointed. Even if visiting the dentist is not your favorite thing to do, I am confident that selecting Dr. Rosenzweig as your dentist will make it as pleasant an experience as possible.

Nancy Rothbaum

There are 250 dentists and dental practices within a 4 mile radius of my home in Montclair, New Jersey. I am confident that a large percentage of them are very capable practitioners. Why then would I travel to Wantagh, NY to Dr. Rosenzweig?
The answer is simple. Year after year I have received superlative dental care from Dr. Rosenzweig and his highly-trained, competent staff and my schedule has always been accommodated. Everyone is caring, gracious and responsive to my needs.
I am honored to be able to share my experiences.

Susan R

I would like to thank Dr. Lawrence Rosenzweig and his professional staff for the professional and friendly manner in which his office treats all my dental needs. I have been a patient of Dr. Lawrence Rosenzweig for seventeen years. Five years ago I relocated to upstate New York, in the Binghamton area. I gladly travel to receive the quality of care that Dr. Rosenzweig provides, regardless if it is for my quarterly cleanings or special procedures.


I have been a patient of Dr. Rosenzweig for the past 26 years. I was just a teenager when I first met him on a Sunday morning when I was in a lot of pain. He graciously agreed to meet me at his office and treated me. Since that day, I have been a huge fan of Dr. Rosenzweig and his entire staff. At Dr. Rosenzweig's office, you are treated like a friend, not just a customer. He and his staff take an interest in learning about you and your needs. A lot of my friends take their children to pediatric dentists, who use a lot of decorations and theatrics to distract children from the reality that they are at the dentist's office. Of course, this comes with a hefty price tag. My children have always gone to Dr. Rosenzweig because he shows them that a visit to his office isn't scary, and doesn't need to be "masked" by a themed waiting room.

Dr. Rosenzeig's office is run by Nancy, who is always accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments. An emergency is always fit into the schedule, and there is never time to even read an article in the waiting room. Bonnie and Norine, his hygienists, have been there forever, and are kind and gentle with both the children and the adults. The rest of his staff are friendly and compassionate.

I feel that anyone who visits Dr. Rosenzweig will be extremely pleased with his level of expertise and professionalism. Dr. Rosenzweig is extremely friendly, and a lot of fun.

Jo Ann Papach

Despite no longer living on Long Island, I still plan trips home to coincide with my next appointment at Dr. Rosenzweig’s office. I was two years old during my first trip to the dentist and do not remember much of it, except that I liked Dr. Rosenzweig. Growing up, I looked forward to my biannual cleanings.

When I moved to Washington, D.C. after college I had to pick a new dentist. I plunked myself down into the chair, anticipating an easy and familiar experience like at Dr. Rosenzweig's office. “You need nine fillings,” the DC dentist told me, with a disapproving tone. “We can stretch it out over the year but this work needs to be done.” When I expressed surprise because I had NEVER had a cavity, the new dentist shook his head and insisted I needed nine fillings as soon as possible, ranging in cost from $1,500-2,000.

I immediately called Dr. Rosenzweig and he agreed it sounded a little suspicious. Nancy worked me into the schedule so that I could be seen as soon as possible and I made the five-hour drive back to Wantagh. After a quick consultation for no charge, Dr. Rosenzweig assured me that I did not require any fillings. I keep coming back to Dr. Rosenzweig’s office because of the trust he and his staff has developed with my family since 1988. As long as Dr. Rosenzweig is practicing, I hope to see him, Nancy, Bonnie, Norine and Lisa every six months.

Amy Rothbaum

Dr. Rosenzweig has been our family dentist since March 1995. He is an excellent dentist who always does the right thing for his patients. He is gentle, kind and very personable. He has a wonderful staff of dental hygienists, a dental assistant, and a secretary. His office is very nice, centrally located, and the office hours are convenient for busy families. They are always accommodating when it comes to urgent or emergency appointments. I highly recommend Dr Rosenzweig and his staff for all your dental needs.

Maggie Livingston, RN.

If you can imagine a dentist’s office that has accomplished the ability to not make you dread your visit, Dr Rosenzweig and staff have done just that. They are always professional, caring and friendly. Dr. Rosenzweig takes the time to explain thoroughly yet sensitively, the procedures he will need to perform. He is not a dentist you ever need to fear. We have been seeing him for over 20 years and highly recommend him. He will put a healthy smile on your face.

Randi Mitzner & Joann Foster

"Dr. Rosensweig, is a highly skilled and compassionate Dentist, who takes the time to develope a relationship with all his patients. He has been my family Dentist for 20 years and I not hesitate to recommend him!

Howard Friedman, CDT"

I have been a patient of Dr.Rosenzweig for well over twenty years. I initially met him prior to him opening up his own practice. I find him to be highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable. His staff is very caring and always willing to help. I have referred family, friends and co workers his practice and will continue do so in the future.

John Fay

It is important for me to convey to you how much your recent prompt treatment of Pxxxx
meant to me and to her family. (Unfortunately, in a tragic-comic sort of way, more likely
than not, Pxxxx herself may well be oblivious to your ministrations!)
As her agent, a lot of day-to-day “stuff’ falls upon me to execute. It is difficult enough to
keep my own household running, so you can imagine how it is a constant stress to keep
her things going also. There is often a sense of waiting for the next shoe to drop! But I
try to take things one day at a time, for the most part. Pxxx has had 24/7 home care aides
since the beginning of 2012. The aides called me Saturday morning to tell me about her
denture situation. The peace of mind that I had from the moment I spoke to you Saturday
afternoon and had an appointment for her on Monday was priceless.
Wxxxxx, her cousin who took her to you, called me on Monday evening at 5:30 and said
that you were wonderful and went “above & beyond”, in HIS words, and I do not believe
that Wxxxx is a man given to such high praise. I understand that you driving her denture
that night to the lab in Rockville Centre to cut down the turnaround time was something
out of the ordinary “course of business”.
My family and I are blessed to have you as our dental health provider and friend.
Warmest regards,

Robert T. Foldes

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